Why does Kathleen want to kill Henry in The Last of Us?

Why does Kathleen want to kill Henry in The Last of Us? ...

The Last of Us, HBO's post-apocalyptic drama, has continued to rise as one of the most popular shows in modern-day television history. Through its first five episodes, eagle-eyed viewers have experienced the madness surrounding Pedro Pascal's Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey's Ellie Williams as they travel across the United States in search of a cure for the deadly Cordyceps infection.

An influx of intriguing characters has helped shape the series' overall narrative. Many of these characters are straight from Naughty Dog's video game, and they all have a lot of energy. Two of these characters in particular would be Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), a survivalist and collaborator, whose rivalry goes far beyond finding supplies in a disasterous world.

Kathleen wants to kill Henry for a variety of reasons?

Henry gave up Kathleen's brother and the former head of the resistance group to FEDRA in order to obtain a specific medicine, following Kathleen's diagnosis of leukemia and his eventual loss of hearing. As a result, Kathleen's brother Michael was ultimately murdered, and the blame was firmly placed on Henry for selling Michael to the government.

Kathleen immediately sought vengeance for the death of her brother and promised to track down Henry and kill him, while there's no denying that she is a war criminal and ruthless leader who finds solace in the destruction of others.

On HBO, The Last of Us airs weekly on Sunday nights.