A video from Grand Theft Auto 6 has been leaked online

A video from Grand Theft Auto 6 has been leaked online ...

Someone decided that enough was enough on September 18, 2022. Taking to the GTA forums and Reddit, a series of photographs and some footage of the hotly anticipated GTA 6 were leaked online.

Grand Theft Auto V was the last official entry into the main series released in 2013, nearly a decade ago. It has been rereleased on almost every platform available, although there hasn't been much information on the state of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The photos and video depict two characters, Lucia and Jason. In one of the pictures, a metro train is shown with the words "Vice City." This rendition of Miami quickly became a fan favorite.

Both characters hold up a diner in the video. Many of the NPCs are generic mannequins and it's interesting to see the text pop up and act as a narration for what their actions are. The cops show up, but don't offer much help as Lucia and Jason take off with the police cruiser.

With the weekend approaching, we'll have to wait until Monday to see what type of action Rockstar decides to take. If a strike is made, it gives credibility to the leaks. Either way, this will force the developer's hand to finally do something with the long-rumored sequel.