Fans choose their favorite characters from The Last of Us

Fans choose their favorite characters from The Last of Us ...

When Joel and Ellie roamed the wasteland, the Last of Us fandom was overwhelmed with the fresh air of summer air. As all good, uncontentious things come to an end, so should we prepare for the fury that will be returning for a second season on HBO.

Abby Anderson is a deuteragonist who made her appearance in The Last of Us Part II as a playable character, but her plot ended up provoking the displeasure of a large segment of the population.

Although we can't discuss spoilers, we'll just let you know that Abby is an integral part of the story of The Last of Us, especially in Part II. One could even argue that without her, there would be no Part II, so the HBO casting directors are likely to be considering several possibilities for her.

In a new Reddit thread, the fandom has its own opinions, and they've been debating their picks. As this has to do with Abby, you should be aware that there's also a fair amount of debate.

Some are joking that the Belgian martial artist and one-man army Jean-Claude Van Damme should take on the task due to her muscular physique.

Florence Pugh is the most obvious choice for others, although others consider her too attractive for the role.

Despite all signs, followers are mostly onboard.

She must be fired, whatever it is, because that's our Abby.

And of course...

Do you also have a personal preference? Then please send it to the rest of the fandom. Who knows? A lot of artists look up fan suggestions in these situations, and Neil Druckmann and co. will not necessarily be an exception in this regard, at least as long as they haven't found their Abby.