Blake Lively Speaks Out About Her Baby Bump, But Reacts Back At Paparazzi Trying To Snag Shots Of Her And Ryan Reynolds Kids

Blake Lively Speaks Out About Her Baby Bump, But Reacts Back At Paparazzi Trying To Snag Shots Of He ...

Blake Lively, a mother of three, appeared on the red carpet at the Forbes Power Womens Summit event in the past few days. She also wore a baby belly, indicating that she and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their fourth child.

If you click through the photo dump, you'll see Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift taking pictures of themselves.)

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Reese Witherspoon, a well-known celebrity mother, commented on the relatable last photo in the bunch, noting that the last one is! So happy for you!.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have already had three daughters: James, Inez, and Betty. The couple's first two daughters were given to the public before Taylor Swift released the Reynolds daughters' names in a Folklore song, presumably with their permission. Lively later paid tribute to Swift on the album.

The Age of Adeline actress believes that young people's privacy should be taken seriously. She is part of a group of celebrity mothers who really feel this way. Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, and others have worked to require professional photographers to photograph their kids on the street. Katherine Shwarzenegger, Gigi Hadid, and other actresses have followed suit.

In the text of her blog, the actress explained that many media respects her and her children's privacy. However, she believes that those who ignore or do not adhere to a No Kids Policy do more harm than good.

Here are some pictures of me pregnant in real life so that the 11 guys waiting outside my house for a sighting will leave me alone. You freak me out and my kids out. Thanks to everyone else for all the love and support and for continuing to unfollow websites and publications who post images of children. You have all the power against them. And thank you to the media who have a 'No Kids Policy.' You all make a difference.

If you are a celebrity, you will always need more stress while awaiting your impending arrival. This small issue is one that significantly affects life in Hollywood, and when celebrities are open about their experiences it can create change.

Blake Lively's pregnancy journey will be kept up to date when she feels like revealing it. Though selfishly, here's hoping that this won't mean we'll have to wait too long before work on Anna Kendrick's A Simple Favor 2 gets started.