The way Stan Lee celebrated Valentine's Day brings tears to our eyes

The way Stan Lee celebrated Valentine's Day brings tears to our eyes ...

For some, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, while for others it's a harsh reminder that they might always be alone. Just kidding — love is in the air, especially in a throwback video of late Marvel Comics architect Stan Lee, who showed the world the appropriate way to commemorate Valentine's Day.

A clip from the 2010 documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story is now available. When the person interviewing him says, "When is Valentine's Day?" and when they answer, Lee asks, "Why does nobody ask, 'What will your wife get you for Valentine's?"

Joan Boocock Lee, Stan Lee's wife and inspiration, was married for 69 years until Joan passed away in 2017. They met in 1947 when Joan, a hat model, fell in love instantly with Lee – despite being married to someone else.

She dated Lee for two weeks before they married — after her divorce, of course.

Before reading Lee's poem, Joan says "he's the most romantic man in the world."

"I wanted to give you the world, but it wasn't for sale." I'm a guy, and my picks would be a waste of money. I'm a fashionista, and you have many of them. So all I can do, and all I can give you, is my love."

She begins to cry. "Sorry, I can't go on," she says through tears. He concluded the letter with "I adore you. To my wife." Romance! Happy Valentine's Day everyone.