Fortnites Chrome will soon take over major POIs

Fortnites Chrome will soon take over major POIs ...

The next Fortnite season is upon us, and with it comes the Chrome liquid, which appears to want to devour everything on the island. Chrome attaches itself to anyone or whatever is unfortunate enough to touch it. It spreads, taking on the form of whatever it has touched.

The Chrome on the island, according to popular Fortnite data miner HYPEX, is expected to extend pretty far, taking over major POIs. In this seasons new trailer, you can see a chromed-out Greasy Grove.

As the season progresses, the Chrome will expand to wider sections of the map. The Chrome is still far away at the moment (Thanks @adam_leaker for pointing this out)

The Loopers have to do something to stop the Chrome that's taking over their home, unfortunately. The rest of The Seven have been transformed into Chrome blobs, likely captured by The Herald. If it weren't for fast thinking by the Paradigm, all of The Seven would have been consumed.

While players are waiting for the rest of the major cast to come up with a strategy, they may as well enjoy the added bonus Chrome offers. You can tunnel through the ground or phase through Chromed walls, but there's also a cool new Chrome tornado that transforms anything it touches into Chrome.

Throughout the remainder of the season, which will culminate on December 3, players will likely see more and more of the map taken over by this hostile force.