Kevin Feige claims she-Hulk intentionally avoided making a dent in Marvel fans

Kevin Feige claims she-Hulk intentionally avoided making a dent in Marvel fans ...

Hawkeye or Daredevil: Born Again are two Marvel shows that appear to be going right down the middle in terms of capturing the most attention from Marvel fans. There are others, like Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, that everyone knows might not be home runs when it comes to pleasing Marvel fans as a whole.

Feige said in a recent interview with EW that there are occasions where he wanted to stand out from the usual superhero get-the-bad-guy fare. She-Hulk was a great example of this.

“She-Hulk has a completely different tone than many of the other projects do, and that was entirely intentional.”

What led to She-Hulk's existence? What made the movie so different? Feige said it all started with one idea: "Let's just do a legal comedy." What if Ally McBeal was a superhero? What if Ally McBeal was a superman? What if We Could Do a Legal Comedy With an incredibly costly CG Character in the Middle of Every Episode?"

The idea of releasing different types of shows, according to him, is likened to longevity and comic books.

“It’s like going to the comic book store. There’s Spider-Man and the Avengers, as well as the major title titles. And sometimes you pick up a one-off or an experiment from an artist or writer that you’re a fan of,” says the artist.

This implies that not everything will be liked by everyone, and Feige said he's acutely aware of this.

“Does everything have to be accessible to everyone?” I would like to do that. However, I think that’s impossible. And if you try to get yourself in such a small funnel and pipeline, things will become similar and monotonous and atrophy very quickly.”

This means that while certain items will not be as well-known as others, they will still be made. It's nice to know that Marvel isn't afraid to take risks.