New city is named after a police vehicle in GTA 6 leak

New city is named after a police vehicle in GTA 6 leak ...

The name of a city that might be in the game is shown in a police car from the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak. Fans of the GTA series know that every automobile has the name of the city it represents on the side.

A police car shown in the GTA 6 leak has the town's name, Port Gellhorn, on the side, according to Reddit useru/ron_weedsley. ron_weedsley uploaded the image to Redditand said there might be a city players can visit in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Port Gellhorn appears to be a minor town near the sea, similar to previous rumors that GTA 6 might take place in Vice City, a tribute to Miami, and this is understandable since one of Grand Theft Auto Vice City's main attractions is its beach.

Many models and textures are temporary; code, physics, and gameplay appear to be tested in this game build, therefore it is important not to give too much credit to textures and models. Most games dont add high-quality textures and models until late in development because it would consume too much time to test code and physics.

It may be a placeholder texture, but it might also indicate how large the games map will be.