The producer of Ant-Man 3 explains how to keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe feeling current

The producer of Ant-Man 3 explains how to keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe feeling current ...

Quantumania, Ant-Man and the Wasp, is taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a different path by officially kickstarting Phase 5, and its producer Stephen Broussard believes the reason the cinematic universe has remained relevant throughout the years is due to the unique voice of its many artists.

After the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, which was arguably the most important film event in history, Marvel adopted the only economically viable strategy by experimenting with its outdated formula. However, considering how the majority of films and TV shows in Phase 4 turned out, it's safe to say that the initiative flopped in Kevin Feige's face.

Quantumania will now be the focus of Marvel's effort to retrace its roots and bring another overarching narrative into play. Yet, early reviews indicate that even the Ant-Man threequel fails to deliver a truly compelling MCU experience comparable to the good old days of the early 2010s.

Despite this dismal turnout, Marvel executives remain optimistic about the company's future. Broussard, in particular, believes the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to grow as long as it respects all the talented artists and writers who work on it.

Some would argue that giving these filmmakers more creative control paved the way for Phase 4's convoluted mess in the first place. Even Kevin Feige has admitted to taking a more head-on approach in Phase 5, so as a counter-argument, it may not be such a good idea to leave every creator to their own devices when you're trying to weave together an interconnected narrative.

Marvel utilized a combination of creative freedom and supervision on these projects to produce some of the greatest stuff from the first three MCU phases. This may even lead to some household names comparing the whole thing to "theme parks."