Valentines Day: 14 cozy cooperative video games

Valentines Day: 14 cozy cooperative video games ...

Forget about the dozen randomly scented bath bombs (who wants to smell like a s’more? ), and the numerous lit candles — everyone agrees that video games are the perfect way to set a romantic ambience. There are plenty of excellent titles that involve you and your partner snuggling under a blanket and playing together.

Nothing sets your passion quite higher than competition and collaboration. These cooperative games cover everything from running a farm in rural serenity and resolving marital difficulties, to breaking out of jail and destroying evil spirits with retro turtle power — but they all will make this Valentine's Day memorable.

Stardew Valley (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass)

Nothing is more romantic than a trip to the country side with your partner. Stardew Valley is a small village populated by friendly people that makes you feel at ease while you take a step back from the problems of technology and capitalism. You and your partner may cultivate the land and raise animals, gradually building your farming empire from nothing into the talk of the valley.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo Switch)

Kirby's first attempt at 3D with The Forgotten Land might be exploring a post-apocalyptic paradise, but can also inhale vending machines, cars, stairs, and lightbulbs, which isn't something you've ever seen before.

All You Can Eat (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox) is Overcooked!

Overcooked! All You Can Eat is an overcooked! sequel to Overcooked! (which is now available on Xbox Game Pass).

It Takes Two (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass)

It Takes Two is a funny and imaginative take on divorce. It reduces bickering parents Cody and May into dolls and forces them to face their problems with a variety of platforming challenges and puzzles if they want to regain their bodies. Each level is packed with new ideas and mechanics, making the entire adventure a constant pleasure to play.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox)

In this vibrantly neon arcade action shooter, space is a lot more colorful than you'd expect. Both players must work together to navigate space and blast away various threats that want to ruin your simple good vibes of peace and harmony. Love can (posibly) conquer all.

Don't Starve Together (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox)

Don't Starve Together's dark and macabre pencil art style isn't a safe haven from love; it might even be stronger for it. As you grow more resources and learn how to manipulate the environment to your will, the worry fades, and it can become a truly relaxing experience.

Untitled Goose Game (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox)

HONK!! It’s easy to forget that this BAFTA-winning game of orchestrated aviary chaos can be played by more than one player, but the developers at House House are devils. Two geese can now terrorize the idyllic town, stealing items from unaware townsfolk or causing other general chaos. There are technical difficulties to solve, but wandering around town and admiring everything and everyone is a valid experience.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PC, Playstation)

Sony hasn't had a first-party family platformer in a minute, but with Sackboy, they've returned with style and flair. The game takes the former Little Big Planet star on a journey across multiple adorably-crafted worlds filled with complex puzzles and fun platforming, making it an enjoyable excuse to sit down with your loved one for hours on end.

Shredder's Revenge: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass)

Shredder's latest diabolical scheme requires players to slam into the Party Wagon (yes, that is the real name) and use Master Splinter to defeat Shredder's latest diabolical plot.

The Quarry (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox)

What is more romantic than an interactive horror film? The Quarry is a game developed by the creators of Until Dawn, in which your choices decide the fate of several summer camp counselors who discover that their final night at camp might be their last night ever. Famous actors like Brenda Song, Justice Smith, and Ted Raimi relish the opportunity to be as campy as humanly possible.

A Way Out (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Game Pass)

A Way Out by Hazelight Studios is unlike any other game out there: you must play it with someone else. Players control a group of brothers as they plan a way to get out of jail and return to their families. Many situations require the players to be in completely different positions, each player contributing to the outcome.

Escape Academy (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Game Pass)

Do you like puzzle rooms — those intricately planned confined spaces that transform life into one big puzzle leading to a triumphant escape? With your degree from the Escape Academy, you can be on your way to becoming the next big escapologists, and you must stop a criminal plot. There's new content on the way to enhance the experience for those who prefer to escape from the comfort of their couch.

Super Mario 3D World (Switch)

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is a Nintendo exclusive, allowing four players to take control of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach as they journey across the Sprixie Kingdom to stop Bowser's evil plan to uh... grow big and cat-like? Bursting at the seams with ideas and powers, you'll be sure to be ecstatic as the hours go by.

Moving Out (PC, PlayStation Plus Extra, Switch, and Xbox)

In this bizarre physics-based puzzler, you and a partner must figure out how to fit everyone's lives into the confines of your van. It's simpler said than done. Playing games together, yelling expletives in displeasure, and yelling with joy over a hard-fought victory are among the things that make love worthwhile.