Chris Hemsworth might have found his MCU replacement in a funny way

Chris Hemsworth might have found his MCU replacement in a funny way ...

Chris Hemsworth should do another shirtless photo on Valentine's Day, no less. Is this his way of saying "You're welcome world," or are we overlooking the point? As Marvel's resident god of thunder, the actor and entertainer is one of the coolest guys around.

Hemsworth has always been well-known for his funny bone, but this recent tweet elevated that distinction to a whole new level.

What kind of person posts two identical photos of themselves? Seriously, the nerve. Okay, so it might be cheesy, but admit it, you laughed. At the end of the day, stupid remarks make life worthwhile.

Chris Hemsworth is well-known for his savage physique, which he has been working on for years and does not appear to be letting go of anytime soon. Yet apart from being a great athlete, great actor, and a great person, Hemsworth is a master of fan interaction, with plenty of people participating in the discussions.

Another The Office meme. This one in particular is perfect for highlighting two things that are either identical or are completely different from each other. Either way, we're all hooked.

If people told this guy that he looks like Chris Hemsworth, who are we to assume it is a state of mind rather than a physical form or size? Perhaps Chris Hemsworth is an attribute of humanity, rather than a physical shape or size. In the end, the world would be better off if we all could be as humble as Hemsworth.