In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, where can I find Chrome Chests?

In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, where can I find Chrome Chests? ...

The Chrome season in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will always be remembered as the season of Chrome. It has influenced the game's locations and mechanics. Better yet, it has also influenced certain firearms and their rarities. Currently, guns are evolving into higher rarities as they are used. However, this special type of item can only be obtained from Chrome Chests in certain areas of the map.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: All Chrome Chest Locations

Chrome Chests are only accessible in certain sections that are covered by Chrome, such as Harolds Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, and Cloudy Condos. This is expected to change as the season continues. In the meantime, Chrome Chests will not be difficult to spot in all areas.

The Chrome Splash should berewarded with either the EvoChrome Shotgun, the EvoChrome Burst Rifle, or the Chrome Splash. Each EvoChrome weapon discovered will be of Uncommon rarity, although you may boost their rarity by dealing damage to enemies and NPCs. Similarly, the Chrome Splash is useful when thrown onto structures to transform them into Chrome, ultimately allowing you to pass through them.

A few chapters in Season 4 of Chapter 3 have undergone minor changes, such as structures within Lustrous Lagoon and Cloudy Condos now hovering above the surface, being held in mid-air by hot air balloons. While exploring these areas, you may encounter new weapons, such as the iconic Hunter Action-Bolt Sniper Rifle and other weapons from previous seasons.