BTS fans will next receive Ticketmaster's disappointment, from Min Yunki to registration errors

BTS fans will next receive Ticketmaster's disappointment, from Min Yunki to registration errors ...

Ticketmaster hasn't had a good time in the last few months. First, it had to deal with the Swifties after it ruined the Era's Tour sale. Next, the US Senate was keeping an eye on it when Beyoncé announced her Renaissance Tour. And with the upcoming Suga/AGUST D solo tour coming to the United States in the next few months, BTS fans are worried that they too will be harmed by the ticket vendor's "site issues."

For enthusiastic fans who want to get tickets to Suga's upcoming tour, there will be a presale through the Verified fan program, and fans must follow the instructions carefully to get early access to tickets. However, unlike previous tours, this one has different levels of pre-sales, so fans must not skip any steps if they want access to those tickets.

Ticketmaster is dealing with one of the largest K-pop fandoms fighting to get good seats for a tour before Suga goes through his military service, together with the other BTS members. Fear and panic are in the air due to previous events, and they're hoping that Ticketmaster will not mess up.

ARMY members are a force to be reckoned with, and they've already discovered errors shortly before the presale, reporting that they couldn't register for Ticketmaster's Verified fan program. From pages not being found to phone numbers being recognized, outrage erupted just days before the ticket sale.

Ticketmaster chooses to misspell SUGA's legal name from Min Yoongi to "Min Yunki," putting the latter in jeopardy as of this writing, eight hours after the tour announcement.

Suga's solo tour will begin in the United States on April 26 in Belmont Park and wrap on May 16 in Oakland, before heading to Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, and Japan. Registrations for the Verified Fan program are open until February 23. The ticket presale will begin on March 1 and the public sale on March 3.