The failure that is McDonald's AI ordering is perfectly documented by TikTok

The failure that is McDonald's AI ordering is perfectly documented by TikTok ...

After recent TikToks demonstrated that AI still can't quite perform basic customer service tasks, especially in Japan. However, these machines may still have limitations, leading to customer outrage.

McDonald's announced that it would construct an "automated store" in Texas in 2022. According to the restaurant's website, robots were meant to enhance the ordering experience "for crew and customer experience," and that it would expedite the ordering process. Unfortunately, TikTok has proven otherwise.

Several videos demonstrate how terrible these robots are at their jobs that require accepting orders, leading them to make a multitude of mistakes. One TikTok user documented how their drive-thru experience resulted in an order that cost nearly $250. I'm pretty sure no one can finish more than 500 chicken nuggets.

Others reported themselves battling with a robot for making their orders wrong. With a human, it's normal to have your order misheard occasionally. However, this isn't the case with AI servers, which resulted in customers becoming irritated by the machine's inability to correct their own mistakes.

Companies slam AI, claiming that it is the answer to labor shortages. Sure, it is cheaper to have someone on duty taking orders for customers rather than pay for them. However, this "new staffing innovation" will only drive customers away.

This McDonald's restaurant is still in its early stages of development and is only located in Texas. However, based on these videos, McDonald's should reconsider and just bring back human employees.