In the GTA 6 leak, a crawling animation was discovered

In the GTA 6 leak, a crawling animation was discovered ...

A video of a player crawling around a warehouse as part of the GTA 6 leak is included. This isnt likely to be a cutscene, as there is nothing to crawl under, so there would be no reason for the actor to have to crawl in a scene.

A character in a white tank top is seen crawling on the ground and then standing up in a Reddit post by u/Tony_Barks. In previous Grand Theft Auto games, crawling was not required, so why should it be now?

The little bar on the bottom left represents the animation file and concludes when it is completed. If youve ever worked on an animation, video game, or animated film, you know what it's like when you set up scenes to play or characters to react to a button press.

If the leak is true, players in Grand Theft Auto will be able to crawl when they want. This may be due to stealth mechanics, like inMafia 3, where the player must assassinate someone without themnoticing. It may be necessary for players to find creative strategies to get through many situations inGrand Theft Auto 6.

This animation may be used for cutscenes, but we wont know for sure until Rockstar releases further information.