Roblox for Neo Soccer League's best skills

Roblox for Neo Soccer League's best skills ...

Neo Soccer League is a cooperative multiplayer soccer game developed by Roblox. The more you play, the better your stats and flow state become, while you'll acquire and master new football abilities.

Best Neo Soccer League skills

Those are the most important skills in Neo Soccer League: Feint and Elastic Dribble skills are useful in the right situations, and you want a set of skills in each game, so you can hug the touchline and Feint or Elastic the opposite way to defeat players.

  • Long Shot (shot): Who doesn’t want a powerful shot you can take from the halfway line that has a good chance of beating an AI keeper? A must-have skill.
  • Sprint Burst (utility): Another must-have, largely due to its versatility. It does what it says on the tin, making you run faster for five seconds. When in possession, wait for the opposing players to converge on you then use Sprint Burst to dribble away from them and get into shooting position. Just make sure to use it wisely, as it has a one-minute cooldown.
  • Gyro Shot (shot): Gyro is a great multi-purpose skill, as it can beat the keeper but is also very useful for playing a long pass downfield. For passing, if you get it fully charged it gets up and down quickly and bounces high, covering half the pitch. And for shooting it has a similar range to the Long Shot, or you can use it from the edge of the box with a low charge but is hard to master.
  • Lob (shot): The Lob is mostly seen as a weaker version of the Gyro, which you can shoot or pass with. It has a shorter range, but a long hang time gives your teammates a good chance to get to the ball’s location. For shooting, aim to have it fully charged and shoot from the edge of the 18-yard box.
  • Super Jump (utility): This is an excellent skill for taking the ball off the opposing keeper or other players, but it is all in the timing so quite hard to master. However, if you stick with it you’re going to be a much better player over time.  

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