Over 90 gameplay videos have been revealed in the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak

Over 90 gameplay videos have been revealed in the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak ...

Over 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 - in-development have been leaked online, using the hashtag teapotuberhacker. They claimed to have accessed them directly from Rockstars' internal Slack.

The videos include robberies, gunplay, open-world driving, and conversations with full voice acting. The footage appears to confirm a recent Bloombergs Jason Schreier assertion that the game would be set in a fictionalized Miami, possibly the Vice City of GTA lore, and feature a playable female character. The game is clearly in development, with debug programming elements visible on-screen, but also many working features.

From the start there was little doubt that the videos would be possible to fake; Schreier added that Rockstar sources had confirmed to him that the early and unfinished footage was real. The scenario was a nightmare for the band.

The original GTA Forums posting provided links to the videos, although Rockstars parent company Take-Two Interactive has begun suing copyright claims against YouTube and social media networks in order to remove them from view. The videos have already been so widely distributed, that Take-Twos lawyers are facing a losing battle in trying to remove them from the internet.

The film contains about 50 minutes of footage, many of which are quite short. One of the longer clips, about three minutes long, shows the female player character robbing a restaurant and threatening customers, who reacted in fear to having a gun pulled on them. She then jumps into the police patrol vehicle and drives off. The visual style is quite realistic, yet still consistent with the GTA house style.

In some clips, the words Vice City appear to be worn poorly, suggesting that the story will at least begin at a different socio-economic level than in 2002's glamorous Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The leaker said that GTA 5 and GTA 6 could be released, and they may even test build it, as part of a court battle over cheat mods for GTA Online.

Even if the leaker fails to release source code or a playable build, this is still a highly damaging leak for Rockstar on a scale that has rarely, if ever, been seen. Work on GTA 6 was confirmed in 2014, following the release of GTA 5s, but development was slow, and the game's tone is unlikely to be released before 2024, according to a Bloomberg report.