In DMZ, where should I get the ABF Antiquities Office Key?

In DMZ, where should I get the ABF Antiquities Office Key? ...

Players may unlock hidden structures and caches in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ to receive valuable loot rewards. Although the loot may not always be great at all times in these locations, it's recommended to keep checking them if you have their key.

Location of ABF Antiquities Office in the District of Columbia (DMZ)

The ABF Antiquities Office is a small room situated in Al Bagra Fortress, on the island in southern Al Mazrah at the very bottom of the tac map. From the main entrance, enter the Fortress, ascend the steps to your right, and then enter the third room. This will be the ABF Antiquities Office, as shown in the third image.

As the fortress is guarded by many AQ Soldiers, getting to this secret stash isn't a very easy task. You can either remove any bots in your path or you can just walk back to the palace building. Inside the Antiquities Office, you'll find an orange supply chest, a kitted weapon, and a supply chest.

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