Project Satire Codes (February 2023)

Project Satire Codes (February 2023) ...

Project Satire will have everything you need to know about Pokémon's special moments! From the wonderful turn-based fighting system to the legendary designs of all the dragon-type Pokémon, this game will have something for all Pokémon enthusiasts. Team Rocket and Gary are always lurking around to catch you when your Pokémon are at their lowest health, so pack those extra Potions!

Project Satire's codes will give you rare, shiny, and legendary Pokémon. If you want to be overpowered from the beginning of your journey in order to face those early challenges, make sure to grab these codes!

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All Project Satire Codes List

  • Valentine23—Redeem for Rewards (New)
  • 3500Members—Redeem for Rewards
  • Lunar2023—Redeem for Rewards
  • Halloween2022—Redeem for an Event Spiritomb
  • abooga—Redeem for a Rayquaza
  • 3kMembers—Redeem for an event Magikarp
  • hawwoleen?—Redeem for free rewards
  • finallyFix—Redeem code for Pokémon
  • ProjectLegendsREAL—Redeem code for Pokémon
  • 2kMembers—Redeem code for Pokémon
  • t20 Moment—Redeem code for Dusknoir
  • NitroForMe—Redeem code for Nitro Metagross
  • FluffyUpdate—Redeem code for Christmas Pichu
  • SpeedrunReupload—Redeem code for PvP Sceptile
  • ARSENAL—Redeem code for PvP Cinderace
  • LongReuploadBruv—Redeem code for PvP Magcargo
  • ARG22—Redeem for Rewards
  • M10—Redeem for Rewards
  • van disney—Redeem for Rewards
  • the goat?—Redeem for Rewards
  • im sorry lol—Redeem for Rewards
  • neymargone—Redeem for Rewards
  • HALAMADRID—Redeem code for Pokémon
  • $4KFCWings—Redeem code for PvP Blaziken
  • PWC Ray Rizzo—Redeem code for PWC PvP Metagross
  • StayAloneLOL—Redeem code for Luvdisc
  • TournamentA—Redeem code for PvP Volcanion
  • RETURN1—Redeem code for Shiny Pikachu
  • Late1stAnni—Redeem code for Gift Charizard
  • Christmas2021—Redeem code for PvP Glalie
  • OU Tournament—Redeem code for Event Mew
  • NewYear2021—Redeem code for Event Victini
  • 24k Magic—Redeem code for PvP Noivern
  • HerValentine—Redeem code for Event HolyGardevoir
  • HisWhiteDay3—Redeem code for Event HolyGallade
  • Purified—Redeem code for Event Lugia
  • Scroadman—Redeem code for PvP Scrafty
  • AprilFirstEen—Redeem code for PvP Mewtwo
  • AprilFirstTwee—Redeem code for PvP Mewtwo
  • 1500Members—Redeem code for Event Farfetch'd

Frequently asked questions about Project Satire

Everything you need to know about Project Satire codes is presented here.

How to Redeem Project Satire Codes

In Project Satire, it's simple to redeem codes for free rewards. Follow the steps below to do so.

What are the methods to obtain additional Project Satire codes?

Retro Drip's Roblox Group Project Legends Wall and their Project Satire Discord Server have all of the codes you need for Project Satire, so make sure to save this page and often return to retrieve all of the codes when they are released!

The error might be caused by missing punctuation or spelling errors. Copy and paste the codes from our list immediately, and if you discover an expired code on our list, update it.

You must finish your first battle with Gary. Once you have defeated Gary, return to Professor Oak to do your first quest. The Professor Oaks package you will need to receive is located near the town you started in. There will be a sign to ask the shop attendant behind the desk to give you 5 pokeballs.

What is the definition of a Project Satire game?

Project Satire is inspired by the turn-based battle system used in early Pokémon games like Red and Blue. Catch and train Pokémon to become the best trainer in the game. Defeat all gym leaders to earn your Trainer Badges and show them off to other players as you climb the leaderboards.

In our Roblox Game Codes post, we have a ton of freebies for you to use!