Themis Butterfly Kisses MR event guide (Tears of Themis Butterfly Kisses)

Themis Butterfly Kisses MR event guide (Tears of Themis Butterfly Kisses) ...

The Tears of Themis Butterfly Kisses event will run from February 14, 2023, to February 24, 2023, and is open to all attorneys. During the event period, you can play a tile-flipping game that will unlock an MR featuring a male lead kissing (or licking) your hand. Check out the cost breakdown below to help you decide whether to spend or save.

How to Finish the Tears of Themis Butterfly Kisses Event

Butterfly Kisses will open the event page from the event menu at the bottom of the screen. After flipping all 25 tiles in each bingo card, you'll receive the MR card corresponding to your chosen male lead. As always, it's best to choose your favorite male lead.

To start the event tasks, click on the currency counter at the bottom right of the event page. These are divided into daily and one-time tasks. Be sure to finish dailies as soon as possible, because you will earn a reward for the event currency called Chocolate Heart, which can be used to flip tiles in the bingo card.

To flip a tile, you will earn additional rewards along the card's border, including the MR you picked and the chance to create a new one with another MR. "Celebration - Butterfly Kisses."

In the Tears of Themis Butterfly Kisses event, can you get a free MR?

Completing all event tasks will reward you with x1,500 chocolate hearts. You may also claim x100 chocolate hearts for free in the in-game mail. However, you need 2,500 for one MR, so getting one for free is impossible.

Assuming you complete all event tasks, see the cost breakdown below.

MR S-Chip cost
First MR900 S-Chips
Second MR2,500 S-Chips
Third MR 2,500 S-Chips
Fourth MR2,500 S-Chips
Total for all four MRs8,400 S-Chips

Every completed bingo card will earn a 200 S-Chip reimbursement (diagonal rewards), 200 S-Chips for flipping 50 tiles, and another 200 S-Chips for flipping 75 tiles. Assuming you aim for all four MRs, your total will be reduced to 7,200 S-Chips.

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