In Cookie Run Kingdom, the best cream unicorn cookie toppings are created

In Cookie Run Kingdom, the best cream unicorn cookie toppings are created ...

Kingdom's Cream Unicorn Cookie is an Epic Healing Cookie that prioritizes the Rear position in the team, offering powerful and consistent heals and a DMG reduction boost that helps the team's survival.

Cream Unicorn Cookie's Best Toppings in CRK

Cream Unicorn Cookie is an excellent healer with a niche build, making them ideal for specific use cases in the Arena. They're naturally squishy, so it's important to increase their DMG Resist by as much as possible for survival. Skill cooldown is also quite long, so cooldown-reducing stats are helpful.

  • x5 Solid Almonds (best-in-slot) - maximizes survivability by increasing Cream Unicorn's DMG Resist
  • x5 Swift Chocolates - helps reduce cooldown reduction, enabling you to spam Cream Unicorn's Skill

Focus on increasing DMG Resist and cooldown reduction for bonus stats.

Cream Unicorn Cookie Treasures in CRK

The following Treasures are ideal for the Cream Puff Cookie:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch - must-have for cooldown reduction
  • Sugar Swan's Shining Feather - an optional Treasure for survivability, especially in the Arena

Cookie Run: Kingdom provides information on the Cream Unicorn Cookie Skill.

Midsummer Night's Dream: A Dream

  • The music starts, and Cream Unicorn Cookie transforms into the Dreamy Unicorn. The Dreamy Unicorn reduces Crit DMG received by the team and charges toward the enemies, silencing them. While silenced, the enemies' skill cooldown will be paused. The Dreamy Unicorn will leave Dancing Butterflies behind itself. These butterflies will fly toward the allies and heal them. The amount of Healing received depends on the amount of HP lost. Regular Healing targets will receive a DMG-reducing buff.

The official kit from Cream Unicorn can be a bit confusing. DMG reduction refers to reducing the amount of DMG the ally Cookies receive (essentially DMG resist), and this does not mean that their DMG output will be decreased.

Skill specifications:

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Silence: one second
  • Healing: 1.6 percent of ATK for every 1 percent of HP lost
  • Healing: 39.6 percent of ATKĀ (+0.54 percent Healing per level)
  • CRIT Resist: +17.5 percent for 10 seconds
  • DMG Resist: +5 percent for 12 seconds, stacks up to three times

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