How to Get Free Fortnite Most Wanted Cosmetics

How to Get Free Fortnite Most Wanted Cosmetics ...

Epic Games is giving away the Most Wanted set for free to all players, making it relatively easy for dedicated players to get everything.

Fortnite's Most Wanted Cosmetics

The Most Wanted quests will be available on February 16, and completing them will unlock a wide array of new cosmetics. Completing quests increases the player's Infamy, and raising it sufficiently will unlock the Cash Stash Back Bling, The Vault Guardian Pickaxe, and the Gold Blooded Ace Outfit.

Epic has stated that all quests will be released at the same time, but they will be broken into five sets. Completing the majority of the quests in a set rewards the player with a Cold Blooded Medallion, while collecting all five medallions rewards the player with the Solid Skull Back Bling. Every Most Wanted can be obtained free of charge, so players don't have to worry about spending any of their V-Bucks.

All of Fortnite's Most Wanted Cosmetics

The Most Wanted event includes a lot of cosmetics, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything, from skins and pickaxes to weapons wraps and loading screens. Here's the breakdown of everything that's available.

  • Cash Stash Back BlingĀ 
  • The Vault Guardian Pickaxe
  • Gold Blooded Ace Outfit
  • Solid Skull Back Bling
  • GG Flamed Emoticon
  • Live to Ride Spray
  • Retro Rivals Wrap
  • Clean Getaway Loading Screen

The Most Wanted event will run until February 28, so there's no rush for players to complete everything as soon as they can. Epic hasn't said whether or not these cosmetics will be available in the Item Shop, so this looks like the only way to obtain them so far.

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