In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get the Golden Snitch chest?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get the Golden Snitch chest? ...

The Room of Requirement in Harry Potter is one of the greatest places to live, because it can become practically any location you need. While Professor Weasley takes you there, there are several chests you may be able to acquire, including one you are led to by a Golden Snitch. This article will walk you through how to obtain all of the chests during the Hogwarts Legacy quest.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I obtain all chests during the Room of Requirement Quest?

As you progress through this quest, there are two chests available to you. The Room of Requirement will permanently change, and you will be unable to collect these chests once you have completed the quest.

Another pile of chairs will need to be cleared with Evanesco shortly after you split from Professor Weasley in the storage closet version of Room of Requirement. A little further along the path from these stairs will be a pile of trunks on your left, with a movable one at the bottom. You can then return down the path using the slide on your right.

Keep following the path until you see a floating harp and another set of chairs. After clearing them with Evanesco, your character should spot a Golden Snitch, and a painting nearby will jot you down towards another puzzle.

Use Accio to pull on the higlighted trunk on your right. Enter through the gap that it leaves then look to your left. Pull this trunk towards the broken wood between you. Then return to the path where you saw the Snitch.

You should now be able to clearly see a trunk with a chest on its top from the left of the first trunk you pushed, and then pull the trunk and the chest toward you with Accio, and interact with it to collect the chest.

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