Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy: It's All Gobbledegook Quest

Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy: It's All Gobbledegook Quest ...

After you complete the mission Fire and Vice, you go into the mysterious mine south of Hogwarts known as The Mine's Eye. It is up to you to uncover the truth.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you complete The Mine's Eye goblin mine?

After you complete the Fire and Vice quest, a owl from Lodgok asks you to meet him near the Mine's Eye mine, and invites you to bring someone who can read Gobbledegook. Fortunately, Amit recently informed you of his interest in the goblin tongue, and you therefore ask him to join you on this endeavor, which he eagerly accepts. Go to the Keenbridge Floo Flame point to get there quickly.

After you talk with Lodgok, you realize that your task is to collect goblin mine schematics to reveal Ranrok's purpose. An eye door is a standard feature of the Eye Chests, but you must use the Disillusionment spell to open them.

Head straight until you see an elevator in front of you and a small boiler to your left. Hit the boiler with any flame spell like Incendio or Confringo, and the elevator will open. Enter the elevator, then interact with it to descend.

When you reach the top, exit the elevator and turn left toward the small white goblin statue. Continue straight until you reach the floating platform. Hit the platform with Accio to pull it toward you, jump on, and then hit Accio on the other side to help yourself across.

After defeating the goblins, you will see an eye door, and a metal grill to the far left corner of the room. As usual, take a cover and cast the Disillusionment spell before going over to the door to close it.

The door opens, revealing a small boiler mechanism to your right, and a tunnel going straight forward. Open the chest using a flame spell, and then return and hit the hook on the wall with Accio. Doing so will open the chest and get a random Unidentified Legendary gear.

Amit will now have a large cooking pot in the middle of his room, which will hold a total of three schematics for you to translate and decipher. The first will be on the table next to the pot, and another will be on the upper floor. There will also be a few enemy goblins in the upper floor, so be sure to clear them out.

Continue through the kitchen next to the pot and through the tunnel. You will discover a new small opening where you will find the third schematic right next to the tunnel leading into the large boiler room.

Going through the tunnel will lead you to a large combat area with many enemies. You will also find the fourth schematic in this room which is kept in front of the open eye door on the right-hand side of the room.

After defeating the enemies and collecting the schematic, use a flame spell on the boiler in the room. Then, use Accio to pull the lever to the right of the boiler. Doing so will open the metal gate to the water tunnel in the corner, allowing you to continue on to the next area.

After defeating several enemies, enter the final room which will have a collection chest and an elevator shaft. Use Disillusionment to go invisible and open the door. Inside the room, you will find the final piece of evidence that suggests Ranrok's intentions. Go outside and hit Accio on the lever to open the elevator.

After exiting the elevator, turn back to the entrance of the mine, and finish your dialogue with Amit and Lodgok, you will have completed the It's All Gobbledegook quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get All Hogwarts Legacy Collection Chests in The Mine's Eye

During the It's All Gobbledegook quest, you can find and unlock a total of seven Collection Chests in The Mine's Eye mine. The following is how you can obtain all of the Collection Chests in the Hogwarts Legacy quest.

The first chest can be seen in the first boiler room where you encounter the first batch of enemies. Activate the boiler mechanism behind the eye door, and pull the lever with Accio to open the water tunnel gate and access the chest.

The second Collection Chest is located on the upper level of the room with the pot and can be accessed next to the schematic evidence you see here.

In the large boiler room, there are two Collection Chests. This room has a staircase leading up to a balcony. Go up there, and you will see a narrow passage with a metal grill. Remove it using Depulso, then crawl through to find a room with two Collection Chests.

In the last room with the elevator shaft, you may discover two additional Collection Chests. Enter it and continue straight until you arrive at a chest in the dead-end. The other Collection Chest is located inside the room that is guarded by the eye door.

The final Collection Chest in this mission requires you to unlock level two locks. Once you exit the mine, you will come across a small staircase going up toward the left. Go up the stairs, and you will find the door you must unlock with Alohomora. Inside the room you will find a Collection Chest.

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