How to Turn a Dugbog onto its Back in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Turn a Dugbog onto its Back in Hogwarts Legacy ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you learn and use a set of spells to defeat your foes. Sometimes the task can be a bit challenging, such as changing a Dugbog. Dugbogs are very aggressive and fast in nature and dealing with them can be difficult. Here is how to turn a Dugbog onto its back in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you flip a Dugbog?

Dugbogs are snarky creatures that follow and assault you. One attack is when they take their tongues out, the other is when they are launching their weapons against you with force. You'll have to wait for the exact moment during the second attack to flip a Dugbog on its back.

Dugbog Tongues are essential ingredients in Focus Potion, but you must also dodge-roll against the Dugbog's charge attack in a split second. You can also acquire them from J. Pippin's Potions for 100 Galleons.

Where to Find a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

Dugbog may be easily spotted in the North Ford Bog Region and the South Sea Bog Region. First, find a Dugbog and then move away to attract them. Otherwise, you will only be able to use any of the above spells.

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