Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Beat the Omega Pirate

Metroid Prime Remastered: How to Beat the Omega Pirate ...

In Metroid Prime Remastered, there are a number of kinds of Space Pirates: multicolored Space Pirates, Elite Pirates, etc. None are more annoying than the Omega Pirate, who serves as the boss for the Phazon Mines. This enemy can summon other Space Pirates and destroy Samus' health bar very quickly, but there are a couple strategies that make this boss a lot less stressful.

In Metroid Prime Remastered, how can Samus destroy the Omega Pirate?

In Metroid Prime Remastered, the Omega Pirate is visible and is cloaked, and the Omega Pirate is only visible once the blue spheres on its body are shot off (two on its shoulders and two on its legs). These spheres are difficult to shoot off because the Omega Pirate uses the same beam absorption technique as the Elite Pirates.

The best strategy to proceed in this phase of the fight is to charge a Plasma Beam and wait for the Omega Pirate to stomp the ground again to make sure the Plasma Beam connects. Samus can also shoot off the two blue spheres quickly.

The Omega Pirate will go to one of the three Phazon pools to try and regenerate itself. At the same time, it will summon some of the multicolored Space Pirates for Samus to fight.

The best thing for players to do here is to ignore the Space Pirates. If the Omega Pirate regenerates, all of Samus's work goes out the window. Instead, players will want to find the Omega Pirate and launch a Super Missile. When this happens, the Omega Pirate will go into a hurt animation that should give players a few seconds to clear out the other Space Pirates.

The Omega Pirate will just automatically regenerate and re-establish the initial phase of the fight after two Super Missiles. Shoot off the spheres once more and hit the Omega Pirate with two more Super Missiles when it goes invisible. That should be enough to put the Omega Pirate to rest in less than five minutes.

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