How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Black Screen

How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Black Screen ...

Playing the game nonstop is all you can think of, but players have been experiencing sluggish FPS drops, ray tracing issues, and other difficulties. Recently players have been complaining about a Black Screen. If you had to stop midway because your screen went black, you might want to check these options before diving into the open world of Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy's Black Screen

Although PC users may find this frustrating, it totally depends on their hardware. This is why it's so important to have the correct settings to keep the game running without any lags or bugs. Try these suggestions, it may just work on your PC to fix the Black Screen in Hogwarts Legacy.

Restarting your computer is a common procedure that is usually successful. It may eliminate all of the background tardiness. Make sure your PC is rebooted or restarted before you launch Hogwarts Legacy.

Make sure to close every tab before you restart the PC and check for any Steam updates. Remove any steam caches which might affect the game. You may also check the game files to see if anything is missing or corrupt by right-clicking on the game in the Steam library.

If the problem persists, allow the game to run for a while, and it should be a quick fix on its own. Players have noticed that simply letting Hogwarts Legacy run even with the black screen issue automatically fixes it. It might take around 20 minutes at the most but WB might remedy this with a patch update.

It's possible that the game is running on an outdated graphics driver. You may want to disable GPU overclocking if nothing else works.

Once the game is installed, make sure you go to the settings menu inside the game. Most of the time the graphics settings will be set, but you can always tone it down to the basic requirements and reduce the unnecessary pressure on your PC. Make sure you disable the ray tracing options as well.

Check the Task Manager to remove background noise. Don't run anything unnecessary that's going on in the background, it may affect the overall game performance. You may also close other programs to free up more RAM to avoid the black screen bug while starting Hogwarts Legacy.

The NVIDIA graphic panel has several options that you may use to improve the gameplay. Make sure your V-Sync is enabled, as it will keep the frame rate for Hogwarts Legacy stable.

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