Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb

Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to complete a lot of side quests to unlock various types of spells. One such quest is Sebastian Sallow's questline, which is required to unlock the Unforgivable Curses. Below is how you might complete the Feldcroft Catacomb quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how do I complete the quest In the Shadow of Time?

Sebastian needs your help to discover the treasure hidden deep inside the catacomb. Once inside, you'll see many spiders, which will make the job much harder, so you can use Incendio or Confringo to burn them.

Continue moving forward through the open corridors that connect to rooms. You will arrive in a large room that is lit with torches and has a barricade. Once inside, you will notice an altar in the middle.

Three skeletons are required to cover the archway to remove the blocked barricade. Use Revelio to locate the stacked bones and Accio to bring them to you. Then cast Wingardium Leviosa to carry it to the barricade.

Sebastian will guide you through the Imperio Curse, which you may either accept or decline. If you understand Imperio, you may use it on the spiders who will be coming your way again.

Open the door in the right with Bombarda or Confringo and remove the spiders. You will again discover a blockage which can be unlocked by positioning the skeletons once more. However, keep in mind that in this room you will need to solve a puzzle.

More spiders will appear, and you both must defeat them to get to the next room where you will eventually find the lost relic. The note is kept right beside it, and you can pick them up from the altar and take it Sebastian, which will spark a conversation.

Should you tell Sebastian to take the relic from Hogwarts Legacy or not?

Once you get the relic, you will initiate a conversation with Sebastian. There are two options:

  • We should leave the relic alone.
  • We need the relic.

Sebastian will still take the relic for Anne, no matter which choice you choose. He will try to persuade you that it is a part of the larger prophecy. If you encourage Sebastian to take the relic, he will be enthused in you. If you refuse to take it, he will be disappointed in you.

Should you play Ominis or Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy?

Ominis appears while exiting the catacomb and attempts to persuade Sebastian to not take the weapon. After that, you will talk to Ominis and ask him for your help in stopping Sebastian.

  • Very well. Lets talk to Sebastian.
  • I cannot side with you. Sebastian's right.

The first option and side with Ominis will allow you two to leave the catacomb with the relic, depending on what you choose. You will make Ominis understand that he must trust Sebastian to know what's best. Later, you will take Sebastian and leave the catacomb with the relic.

You will persuade Ominis that casting Imperio is the most appropriate move to get out of the catacomb without another confrontation between them. Your character would enquire to Sebastian that he is doing all this to cure Anne. You cast Imperio and tell him to leave the catacomb until you agree to it. While you do this, you appeal to Sebastian and tell him this was the only way to leave the catacomb with the object.

Any of the choices you make have no bearing on how the characters react to your choices. Sebastian will be disappointed with the outcome if you cast Imperio on Ominis. He will tell you that they both never intended this to happen but he needs the relic for Anne's sake. You will console him by stating that Ominis fully consented to this.

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