Cookie Run Kingdom's How to Get & Donate Relics

Cookie Run Kingdom's How to Get & Donate Relics ...

Cookie Run: Kingdom allows you to place relics in guild museums, granting the entire guild a slew of incredible stat boosts, buffs, and other bonuses. These include: speeding research, increasing your Stamina Jelly cap, buffing Cookies, and more.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, how do I obtain relics?

After clearing World Exploration 10-31, you can participate in a contest to receive Relic Chests for every Wave you complete. From Waves four to 60, you'll be presented with two Relic Chests. You can open one for free and purchase the other with an Alliance Ticket. This means that you can get at least 56 Relics per campaign.

Visit Touc's Trade Harbor to see the Rainbow Shell Gallery, which sells Rainbow Pearls. The shop assortment changes every three days and will always include two Relics that may be purchased for x800 Rainbow Pearls each.

In CRK, how do I give Relics?

Only Relics may be donated when you're a member of a guild. Go to the guild menu at the bottom of the screen, then go to the Guild Museum by clicking on the icon on the bottom left. Once inside, click on the Guild Relics button on the bottom right of the screen.

If you own a Relic, a Donate button will appear. Press that button to donate your Relic to the guild. Some Relics will have individual stats, but most will not. Instead, they'll provide set effects when a whole set is donated to the guild.

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