LOVERWATCH Walkthrough Guide: How to Get All Endings

LOVERWATCH Walkthrough Guide: How to Get All Endings ...

Blizzard has released a standalone Overwatch minigame for the occasion – LoverWatch, Love Never Dies. It's a purely text-based game that you'll need to sign into your blizzard account to enjoy. And, even better, you'll receive exclusive LoverWatch rewards when you complete it.

How to Get Cupids Kiss Hanzo

After you start the Official Overwatch 2 Dating Sim and enter your name (which isn't important to gameplay), you can choose whether or not to meet up with Mercy or Genji. If you complete the game with each of the three characters and restart it again, you'll receive in-game icons for each of the three characters, along with some free Valentine's Day cards.

Follow this guide to woo your Valentine once you have chosen which one to make your Valentine. Basically, you need to follow Cupid Hanzo's recommendations as you go through three dates with each character. You'll need to begin by being love-struck and accept their acceptance at the end of both stories to access the locked Hanzo conclusion.

Focus on his interests, compliment him, and offer his reassurances when he doubts himself. Tell Hanzo that you like the outfit and that you love the game. Choose to go for it, and say that laughing at ninjas in the Laff Attic is your goal.

Compliment his hoodie, say you played on the way there, then order Genji's favorite food (Rikimaru Ramen) at Café Azur. Try to lighten the mood, apologize, then hold his hand. Say you want to see something he loves, then ask what's in Nepal. Say you'd rather walk than see him, and then suggest you do something else.

To see her for who she is, you must be aiming for humor, compassion, and kindness. Her real name is Angela Ziegler and she likes chocolate. For the next question, say the quiz was rigged, then call her Dr Ziegler and tell her she is intelligent and funny.

After having a cup of coffee, tell Ana that it only happens to the best of us. Bircher Muesli is a must-try dish. In Cairo, drink the coffee enthusiastically then inform Ana that you are Angela's date.

After all of your credits are completed, you may start the game again in the Realm of Love and receive a token of Cupid Hanzo's appreciation, which corresponds to the final set of rewards. You can now go to the Rewards section of the main LoverWatch menu to redeem your icons.

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