Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy Lodgoks Loyalty

Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy Lodgoks Loyalty ...

Lodgok, a goblin who has aided you in assembling the puzzle of the founders and Ranrok's evil plan, will be most likely to assist you in this quest. Though others may be skeptical of his intentions, he has proved so far that he is trustworthy. It makes sense that you follow him and collect some loot as you do.

Complete Guide to Finishing the Hogwarts Legacy Coastal Mine

The Coastal Mine is situated in the southeastern portion of the map. Your marker should direct you directly there once you have selected the quest in your Quest Menu. You may use a Floo Flame from a nearby town to fly the rest of the way with your broom.

There will be a troll guarding the entrance, so you can choose whether or not you'd like to take them out stealthily or quickly.

To the right of the main entrance, you can access a smaller locked door. This door requires a level three Alohomora, which you can get by collecting some Demiguise Moons and upgrading your unlocking spell. Inside this room is a Legendary chest for you to loot before continuing.

Once you have the chest, you can enter the mine's main tunnel and to the left to enter the mine's entrance. Inside the entrance, you'll go down a few steps and come to a cart. Hold X/Square to interact with it and wait as your character climbs the cart to the next level.

After you've removed the cart, proceed to the left, follow the path, and then up the metal stairs. Here you'll see a boiler, the same as you saw while completing the Gobbledegook quest. It will turn up a lock that you'll need later on.

Turn around and you'll see a metal staircase leading to a rail and moving platforms. You'll not be able to climb across the metal staircase until you grab Accio's handle and lift the platform over to your side. Make sure to keep holding down RT to allow the spell to fully swing forward.

Once the platform is sufficient to your side, you can jump onto the platform. Then, use Accio to grab the fixed platform ahead of you and pull yourself all the way across.

Continue forward over a small bridge, and you'll encounter some more enemies to defeat. Directly to your right, however, at the end of the bridge, you'll notice a brief detour. This will take you to a level three locked door, which you can unlock with Alohomora.

To get all of the possible loot, turn right into the gated area. To your right, there is a separate storage area, and then to your left, a pathway leading to more rails. Step on and touch the lever with X/Square to descend to a lower level.

This area will be particularly hazardous. A boss, more goblins, and a troll are all there. Once the lift to the left, notice another boiler directly to your left. You'll need to either sneak around or defeat all of the enemies to obtain the Legendary chest just straight forward from the lift on the opposite side of the room. There is also a smaller chest on the right side.

Once you have the loot, return to the main level and proceed to the next level. You may then proceed to the next level, where there is a second platform rail. Again, you'll need to use Accio to grab onto the opposite fixed platform and pull yourself across.

Once across, there will be a small chest and a bag to collect on your right, as well as more enemies to attack. Continue your journey through the boiler and light the one you've just begun.

Ranrok will appear in a short cutscene as you exit the lift, and you'll have to prepare to face off against the other goblins. The best way to easily defeat them, if you have it, is to use Imperio on the troll while you're focusing your attention on defeating the goblins. This will help your quest but also deal him some damage.

Once all the enemies are defeated, you will be forced to smash pillars to enact the drill. Some of these may have already been taken out during your battle. You can use Revelio to highlight all of their locations in blue. Then, cast some spells to break them. This can be anything from Confringo to Bombarda.

It will begin a new cutscene when the pillars are all destroyed. Ranrok and Rookwood will confront you and eventually discover Lodgok. Ranrok will be disappointed that Lodgok has kept information from him and will eventually kill him. Your character escapes the interaction by jumping onto a cart.

After the cutscene, get out of the cart and open the metal gate in front of you. This will take you right back to the entrance. Continue to the left corridor, and you will find the exit.

How to Get All of the Hogwarts Collection Chests in the Coastal Mine

No matter how you collect them, there are two collection chests in the mine, and don't worry if you didn't receive them the first time through. Even if you've already completed the quest here, here's a step-by-step guide on how to obtain them:

Once you reach the first rail platform with the gated second boiler to your right and the second platform rail to your left, go straight up the steps and into a storage-like area. Directly to the right of the fireplace, at the far end of the room, will be a ramp leading up. You'll need to climb up several of these until you reach an enclosed area with a grate on the ground.

Accio will allow you to raise the grate and reveal a ladder underneath. Reach a hidden area with the collection chest, as well as several other chests to loot, as you progress through the game.

The second collection chest is a little more hidden. You'll need to climb on the second cart you encounter to get there. Your character will make a statement saying they'll't know where it leads.

Once you open the cart, you'll come to a small room. It's a rounded locked door, and there's a lever you can pull that requires power, which, if you've already lit all the boilers you've encountered earlier, should be ready. Use Accio to unlock the door, and it should allow you to open it using X/Square.

Inside, you'll find a collection chest. Then you can go back out and return the cart to the main area to continue your journey through the mine.

There aren't too many puzzles to complete here, but there are plenty of trolls and enemies to make up for it. Be sure to organize your spells correctly and ensure you have plenty of potions available to you. Don't miss out on all that wonderful loot!

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