Ranrok Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Rid of It

Ranrok Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Rid of It ...

Ranrok's gruesome introduction in Hogwarts Legacy assured that you'll face off against the goblin's twisted powers in the end. Little did we know that Ranrok would transform himself into a terrifying dragon during the final confrontation. Fortunately, we've already brought the overgrown goblin to his knees and watched the credits roll.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you kill Ranrok?

The Ranrok boss fight begins when he takes his dragon form by absorbing chaotic emotion magic that he absorbs into himself. He begins arousing you with his powers from above, and his intent is to avoid as much of his magic as possible. The next phase of the battle, which takes few minutes to complete, will require you to surrender.

Ranrok's magic will begin to weaken after a period, unintentionally explaining why he is impervious. Each globe takes time to form, but once it is fully visible, so too is the shield protecting it. Cast a spell that is the same color as the shield surrounding the globe to destroy the first one.

Ranrok will approach the end before you, and will continue spouting more bolts of magic at you until you reach the next opening. This time, Ranrok will barrage you with his ancient magic. If enough globes have fallen, Ranrok will be weak to your magic once more.

Ranrok will be able to spawn enough globes to make him vulnerable for the last time once he has reached 25% health. Add to your magic and Ranrok will start barraging you with more of his magic.

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