Wild Hearts Preorder Bonuses

Wild Hearts Preorder Bonuses ...

Wild Hearts is a new twist on the genre for hunters who prefer a good hunting adventure. The game is set in a world where giant, nature-infused beasts roam freely, and players must employ modern methods to hunt them down.

The game includes two different versions, but in-game bonuses are included when you pre-order either one.

  • The Ferocious Kemono emote.
  • Poker Face chat stamp.
  • Just Woke Up chat stamp.
  • Praying chat stamp.
  • Besties chat stamp.
  • Sleepy chat stamp.

What are the different versions of Wild Hearts?

The standard edition and the Karakuri edition are both available pre-ordered. The standard edition includes everything you need to know about Wild Hearts.

  • A copy of Wild Hearts.
  • Ferocious Kemono emote.
  • 5 chat stickers: Poker Face, Just Woke Up, Praying, Besties, and Sleepy.
  • 3 additional emotes - Fighting Spirit, Grovel, and Conch.
  • A decorative Tsukumo Lantern.
  • A complete armor set of the Karakuri Samurai.
  • A complete armor set of the Karakuri Ninja.

These bonuses are mostly cosmetic in nature, yet they still offer players a fun way to express themselves in-game! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through Feudal Japan in Wild Hearts!

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