The Best Sonic Generations Mods

The Best Sonic Generations Mods ...

Everyone knows and loves Sonic and Sonic themed games. They have a long history of nostalgic titles that we all cherish. Sonic Generations is one of those games that lives up to the iconic Sonic title as we know it. You can always improve a game, though.

Sonic Generations' Best Mods

The Sonic Generations Cel Shader mod is a good choice if you want to enhance the Sonic Generations experience in a different light. This mod overrides the Sonic Generations' rendering to make it appear more interesting.

As the tenth entry on this list, this is another variation of the shaders from the same modder. The Dynamic White World effect mod adjusts the shaders to give you the same immersive experience of Sonic running through the whiteness and back into colorful life.

The Better FxPipeline mod addresses a number of Sonic Generations rendering issues. It improves the scaling and depth of field to work with all resolutions. It provides multiple FXAA shaders to make the game more enjoyable.

The Direct3D 9 Ex mod will replace Sonic Generations' Direct3D 9 with a more powerful version that saves you from stuttering. It also requires less memory and allows you to exit the game without issues.

This mod adds enhancements that make your gameplay feel as if it were originally made while playing an actual classic Sonic game. It matches the renders to the originals, customizes the controls to look a bit like the classic Sonic games, and makes Sonic faster.

The Sonic Generations Low-End Mode allows your game to look as if you were playing on your PS2 while giving you a lot more FPS.

Another one for the nostalgia. If you've always liked older Sonic games' classic-looking HUD, you should get the Sonic Unleashed HUD. It's a great and well-designed HUD mod for Sonic enthusiasts.

The HedgeMod Manager is a handy tool that simplifies the installation of Sonic Generations mods.

Sonic Generations does not allow Sonic to do a double jump for some reason, so the double jump mod allows Sonic to do a jump while in midair in order to clear additional obstacles during gameplay.

The Sonic Generations Unleashed Project is one of the most popular Sonic Generations mods. This fan favorite brings most, if not all, of the Sonic Unleashed levels to Sonic Generations on the PC, giving you more content, more gameplay, and more fun with the game.

There are a lot of other Sonic Generation mods out there. They include everything from simple visual fixes to advanced gameplay changes. So pick your pick and have fun modding!

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