Fortnite's Most Wanted Exotic Heisted Weapons

Fortnite's Most Wanted Exotic Heisted Weapons ...

Fortnite brings a variety of new weapons, reality enhancements, cosmetics, and other items with every update, which is why players worldwide are drawn to it. With the latest v23.40 update, Fortnite introduces a set of new Reality Augments and Exotic Heisted Weapons.

Fortnite's Exotic Heisted Weapons

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 introduces five new Exotic Heisted Weapons that players must locate from the Cold Blooded Vaults. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds. Players must defeat the Cold Blooded Bosses who drop the Vault Keycards to gain access to the Cold Blooded Vaults. These are the five new Exotic Heisted Weapons.

The Heisted Breacher Shotgun is an ideal weapon for smashing walls and covers in battle royales. Players may use this Exotic Shotgun to break through opponents' builds and shoot them as soon as the cover is damaged. Make sure your opponents are safe from attackers' strikes.

The Red-Eye AR is the best option for mid-to long-range combat this season. It is capable of firing large explosive missiles.

The Exotic Shotgun is perhaps the best shotgun introduced in the game this season. Players may easily eliminate enemies when they hit Brutal Bastion, Citadel, or Anvil Square, some of the most contested POIs on the map, because of its increased mobility speed and fire rate.

This Exotic Weapon is one of the most useful during close-range combat. Slap Juice is reloaded automatically while you sprint. When players are low on health, moving in and out of cover can be difficult. However, if players are equipped with Exotic Run 'n' Gun SMG, they can quickly replenish health and sprint while in the safe zone.

The greatest advantage of the Exotic SMG is that it grants the ability to teleport a short distance by pressing the jump button twice. This Exotic SMG is suitable for close-range combat because it has a fast fire rate and it's difficult to control.

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