The Top 10 Video Game Super Bowl Ads of All Time

The Top 10 Video Game Super Bowl Ads of All Time ...

We get a chance to see some of the greatest commercials every year during the Super Bowl. With mixed success, creative teams spend millions on video game commercials that can be stunning or extremely costly. We've compiled a list of ten video game Super Bowl commercials that we'll never forget - for better or worse.

From the Worst to the Best, these are the top 10 video game super Bowl commercials of all time.

As long as you have a tank that goes through the walls, you'll likely find it unnecessary. This fake-reality show technique was tried twice in 2017. See the commercial for "Teensy House Buyers," in which a tank destroys a tiny house.

A Super Bowl video game advertisement doesn't require much effort. Just make a connection between your game and football. The Heroes Arena commercial has six seconds dedicated to the most popular American sport, while everything else is just gameplay. Look up "nothing special" in a dictionary, and you'll find this commercial as an example.

Meta is on a quest to make all their money by proving to everyone that their VR set is cool. It might very well be, but according to this commercial, it's already on its way to being phased out. I'll never buy Meta Quest 2 as a commercial with a "User experience will vary."

This is Kratos' second video game commercial appearance, as the original God of War Super Bowl commercial from 2013 is quite convincing.

If you have a lot of cash to burn, it's very straightforward to make a Super Bowl gaming commercial. You must have a reasonable price to pay celebrities and a production menu that suits a king. This Game of War commercial starts in a Witcher-like bathtub. And just when Kate Upton begins to enjoy herself, she must go to battle and defeat other foes who invade her castle.

One of the main reasons many people bought the Nintendo Switch was because of this commercial, which was released before the console was even released, so you can imagine the reaction when this commercial was shown for the first time.

Liam Neeson has found a way to continue his career by defeating all adversaries in films and video games. As you can imagine, he can defeat any opponent as simply by being scary in the film or by playing the mobile game and using some of the best heroes from Clash of Clans.

Combine well-known actors and a large budget with a mobile free-to-play video game in a historical setting. This ad also provides a unique opportunity to see Aaron Eckhart and Jeffrey Dean Morgan facing off in quasi-historic movie combat!

The combination of Kratos and Gladiator-like visuals is simply stunning. Super Bowl game commercials often go over the top with action or humor, but God of War: Ascension goes straight to the heart.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a perfect example of how video games combine. We all play, whether we use a mouse, keyboard, or controller. That's why it's important that console manufacturers (Microsoft and Sony) have taken into account gamers' needs.

NES Power Glove Commercial Receives a mention from video game advertisers

I know, I know... This has nothing to do with Super Bowl, but you can't write about video game commercials and ignore this significant event. Power Glove was developed as a pioneering technology that spawned VR controllers.