Cherry Blossom Biome for Minecraft is coming in 1.20

Cherry Blossom Biome for Minecraft is coming in 1.20 ...

Minecraft version 1.20 is on the way, and with it many new features. Mojang has been releasing regular updates and showing players what this version includes, including the Cherry Blossom Biome. Here's all we know so far about Minecraft's Cherry Blossom Biome.

What is Minecraft's Cherry Blossom Biome?

The Cherry Blossom Tree and Cherry Blossom Saplings are some of the most well-known wood craftables in the Cherry Blossom Biome. Besides sheep, pigs, bees, and beehives, there is also a whole new class of wood craftables here.

The Cherry Blossom Tree also allows you to make the Hanging Sign, a new type of sign that hangs from two chains rather than using a signpost or sticking to a surface. This sign can be customized like a regular sign, but it adds a new flavor to Minecraft's labeling.

Minecraft version 1.20 includes a cherry blossom biome and trees as well as archaeology and a new Sniffer mob. Take a look at the release date ahead of the release for an early feel of what's to come.

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