Gabriel Luna decided to include himself in the story of Dark Fate

Gabriel Luna decided to include himself in the story of Dark Fate ...

Terminator: Dark Fate is credited.

Gabriel Luna decided to comment on Dark Fate, claiming it to be more than a failure. He describes his time in this film as enjoyable; to be fair, he did appear to have a good time. In the Terminator franchise's history, many would disagree.

Luna had the opportunity to portray a different sort of terminator, based on his contribution. It's wonderful to see a metal skeleton that could shed its outer, liquid form and become two adversaries in this film.

This type of terminator makes it appear as if humans have no chance of survival. The efficiency of the terminators that have been developed since the T-1000 has been at best suspect. Luna's version benefited from advanced special effects, but a weak story killed it.

Dark Fate failed to fulfill its goal of reinventing the Terminator franchise. It also sought to erase the future that many had known for so long. The Terminator timeline has been ripped up and pieced together many times. At this point, humanity eventually destroys itself.

Terminator: Dark Fate is a credit.

Gabriel admits that he tended to focus on his role rather than on the box office.

This is probably how it should have been. It's likely that when actors focus too much on the box office, it'll impede their chances of pulling off a role. According to Luna, he focused intently on what he was doing and enjoyed himself. While that's nice, it makes one think he didn't see a need to overlook the possibility of failure.

Since it was first announced, so much has been said about it that it's almost excessive to state anything else about it. But finding out new perspectives on this subject can give a fresh perspective. At least the actors believed in the film, as did James Cameron.

The main issue with Rise of the Machines or Salvation is that the fans wanted nothing completely different.

He had a great time with his fellow cast members.

Luna claims to have made a few bonds while on set, which is wonderful since Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular figure on the set. Many of the bonds made may not last, but making a film together draws people closer.

Although there are many actors who don't get along and have a bad experience, Luna sounds like he had a great time and made the most of his time. This is a positive thing since, in a film such as this, there were doubtless anxieties that could have ruined the working environment.

Terminator: Dark Fate has been credited.

The possibility of Dark Fate should not have been discussed.

Many fans continue to hold this opinion because the film didn't start well and it didn't conclude the movie any better. The assassination of John Connor and his replacement was not well received by fans. Some also believe that James Cameron should have left this story alone.

Even James Cameron admits that this story is played out. If there is a second Terminator film, it should be a complete reboot. The unfortunate thing about any movie dealing with time travel is that it risks destroying its narrative. Terminator did this early on when it began to sabotage its timeline.

The fact that Judgment Day was inevitable is fine, but the fact that things changed dramatically after the second film ruined the experience. Cameron had a great idea when making this film, but keeping things so brief makes it seem like he had no clue what he had.

This was unfortunate not to jeopardize his career.

Luna has continued to act throughout the years. He even landed a role in HBO Max's The Last of Us, which he reviewed. He was one of the better actors in Dark Fate, but it's hard to say that it was worthwhile to see him.

Dark Fate was a blip on the radar that might be discarded in the future. Luna has maintained it as a fond memory as he had a great time filming. However, most people will remember it as one of the worst in the franchise.