The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Context

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Context ...

Although you may not be a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are a good chance you've seen some of the most famous ones on television.

The Elevator Fight Between Captain America and Japan

This meme comes from two movies that had similar-looking scenes stitched together. The first movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Captain America finds himself in the company of Hydra soldiers in an elevator, causing a fight. The second film is the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame, where Captain America whispers, "Hail, Hydra."

The meme is often used in popular culture to make up statements that are so spooky that the listener might be enraged. It is similar to dad jokes or angry upvotes.

2."Tell me the truth.I'm ready to hear it."

During Ben Parker's funeral in 2002, Mary Jane, Peter Parker's love interest, confessed her feelings towards him. However, she deemed it safer for Mary Jane to avoid a romantic relationship with her because she would be away from his enemies.

Mary Jane did not utter the sentence in the scene, and you can see a clip of the film's final scene here. A screenshot of a just-rejected Mary Jane in the meme culture was then used with a subtitle saying the line. Then, a screenshot showing Peter would then be labeled with texts usually associated with facts that are quite uncalled for.

3."You can't defeat me."

Thor: Ragnarok, a 2017 film, brought a new film to the screen. The sequence was shot before the last epic fight between the actors. Thor was severely injured, leaving him with a vision that only Ragnarök could stop Hela. So he placed Surtur's crown back in the Eternal Flame to "resurrect" Hela's death.

The meme is used on the internet to express the idea of an undefeatable object only to be defeated by something quite powerful.

"That doesn't appear fair," says the fourth participant.

Wanda Maximoff sang the phrase in the 2022 film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She complained to the former for giving Thanos the Time Stone and lamented the criticism she would receive if she did the same thing.

When done by two different sets of people, the meme is used to express the idea of a single action that draws outrage. For example, a meme used this template to state that men are permitted to go topless in public, but when women do it, they are considered as indecent.

5.Hulk Gives Ant-Man a Taco

Ant-Man was just prepping his lunch and making a taco for lunch when a spaceship landed, causing severe blows of wind that blew off his table and tacos. Iron Man came and surprised him, shocked, and gave him two tacos for his lost lunch.

The meme is used to denote underwhelming effort. Alternately, it is used to suggest a useless solution to a problem.