The Batman 2 is now more important than ever

The Batman 2 is now more important than ever ...

The Batman – Part II, according to James Gunn and Peter Safran, is a critical and financial breakthrough for the DC film future. As his reboot of the Planet of the Apes series, audiences and critics applauded him.

The Batman – Part II was a huge risk when Robert Pattinson was first announced. Despite his experience as a performer in Good Time and The Lighthouse, he seemed to be able to make a name for himself in the Twilight series.

Why Is The Batman 2 Important For The DCU?

The fact that the DCEU reboot isn't a complete reboot is a major flaw. As Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice did well at the box office, but disappointed critics and viewers because of its uneven tone. Justice League didn't go much better, due to Joss Whedon's additional efforts to film the 2017 film and blurring the lines of what was already canon.

The Batman – Part II – is a film adaptation that was able to avoid a stalemate by constructing a complex and twisted world that now encapsulates well-established characters from the Batman trilogy. This is a time when many DC fans might abandon the studio's work, mostly because to the follow-up of the new era. However, the continuity that comes with the DCEU's reboot can help to keep fans hopeful and invested in the larger franchise.

Oscar Nominations for The Batman Can Keep DC Adaptations Going

The Nolan trilogy reopened the floodgates of a franchise that had remained untapped after Joel Schumacher's Batman films ruined the character's live-action legacy. Heath Ledger received eight Oscar nominations for his outstanding performance as Joker. These issues have also benefited previous DC films, including the first one to be nominated for Best Picture.

After Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy ended, the DCEU failed to live up to expectations. Some bright spots, such as Wonder Woman, have helped, but the uneven quality of the franchise has allowed Marvel studios to outperform them both critically and financially. The Batman has been a shining example of how powerful a DCEU can be when the right actors join together, and how it can be recognized by those who would otherwise dismiss superhero offerings. Matt Reeves has shown that he can still look forward to The Batman

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