How Sherlocks Death Fake Out Disrupts From The Books (And Why)

How Sherlocks Death Fake Out Disrupts From The Books (And Why) ...

The death of Sherlock Holmes has been a controversial topic in both Arthur Conan Doyle's original texts and in the BBC series. However, Sherlock's death was not accepted by his followers, and Doyle was forced to recreate the character.

There are significant differences in Sherlock's death, like in some TV series that are based on literary works. Holmes brawled with Moriarty near a cliff of a waterfall in Switzerland and fell to his "death." Though the book inspired the episode "The Reichenbach Fall," the creators put a modern twist on it and delivered a completely different death for Sherlock, starting with where he fell.

Sherlock's Final Problem: How the BBC's Problem Changed

The BBC successfully adapted Arthur Conan Doyle's more-than-a-century-old manuscripts for modern entertainment. However, the location of Sherlock's death was also altered.

"The Reichenbach Fall" involves a fight by the waterfall in exchange for an ultimatum atop a hospital. Moriarty commits suicide in exchange for the safety of those dear to the titular hero. There is no denying that "The Reichenbach Fall" was one of the most important television programs of the early 2010s.

Why is Sherlock's Reichenbach Fall Story Different From the Books?

The fact that Sherlock died was a major part of his life in the books, and it makes perfect sense for the television series to include such a significant event in the character's journey. However, the main reasons for both deaths are very different, allowing for varied effects on the story and audience.

The relatively simple death of Sherlock in the book allowed for a credible comeback, while the overburdened explanation as to how Sherlock was able to fake his death and survive his leap off a building, in front of witnesses, simply failed to hold up. So while Sherlock's popularity remained after the character was resurrected in the books, the same cannot be said for the Sherlock Holmes series, which saw a significant drop in quality and viewership after.

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