Sasha Mitchell, a kickboxer, has 6 things you didn't know

Sasha Mitchell, a kickboxer, has 6 things you didn't know ...

Sasha Mitchell may not have been an A-list sensation in the 1990s, but she had a lot of potential and was selected as Hollywood's next Jean-Claude Van Damme. That notion was easily pushed by the fact that he was deemed a worthy replacement for Van Damme in the Kickboxer franchise. However, the actor appears to have slipped out of the spotlight over the years.

Sasha Mitchell has been involved in a number of B-rated films since his early years as David Sloane. However, he will always be remembered for his contribution to Hollywood's martial arts genre. Here are six things you may not know about Sasha Mitchell.

Sasha Mitchell's Name: What You Know It All About

Sasha Mitchell has been involved in several film and television projects. In the 1988 film Spike of Bensonhurst, he played the main protagonist. The plot follows Spike Fumo's life, as he falls in love with the daughter of a Mafia boss.

Mitchell is well-known for his role as James Beaumont in three film installments of Kickboxer. He has also appeared on television programs such as Step by Step as Cody Lambert. The role became Mitchell's most famous and iconic on television from 1991 through 1998, and he was also on the show NYPD Blue, where he played the character of Darian LaSalle.

Sasha Mitchell's TV Career Was Formed

In the 1986 TV film, Pleasures, Sasha Mitchell played Antonio. In 1987, Sasha Mitchell made his big screen debut as Ruggieri in Terry Leonard's Death Before Dishonor. When director Paul Morrissey sought a lead actor to play Spike Fumo in his comedy/mafia film Spike of Bensonhurst, Mitchell was a natural fit.

Sasha Mitchell's Biggest TV Role

Sasha Mitchell was re-introduced as a new character in the second film installment of the Kickboxer series, which did not receive as many positive reviews as the producers expected. Mitchell continued to star in the next two films.

Sasha Mitchell Debuts a Modeling Career

Sasha Mitchell had a modeling career before the movie world became aware of her. For a year before turning to television, Weber worked with some of the world's most famous fashion magazines and brands.

5.Sasha Mitchell Is a Super Fighter!

Sasha Mitchell's role as David Sloane in three films from the Kickboxer film series was no stunt play. The actor is not only qualified in Martial Arts, but he has a black belt to prove it. This is also the main reason that Sasha Mitchell has gotten the role of David Sloane in the first place.

Sasha Mitchell's upcoming projects

Mitchell's final film role in Fred Wolf's comedy, Drunk Parents, was in 2019. The actor will star in three upcoming films. Cyborg Nemesis: The Dark Rift is still in the pre-production stage. The Kickboxer: Algiers is still under development.

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