Roblox: Pet Simulator X How to Get Valentine's Day Pets

Roblox: Pet Simulator X How to Get Valentine's Day Pets ...

Pet Simulator X is a popular game on Roblox for a reason. After that, you earn coins, diamonds, and other in-game stats to level up your pets, and collect more! You may unlock different worlds to receive different rewards, and open different eggs to get different pets.

Updates to Pet Simulator X are released every week on Saturday, and this week, the game is ready for Valentine's Day! Most significantly however, are the pets, which have been introduced for a limited time after the season of love. A Cupid Corgi is one of these pets, and who couldn't resist a cute puppy with wings?

You may be wondering — where do I get these adorable block pets, especially since they won't be around forever? We have the answer here, so keep reading to find out!

A pink building may be visible to the left of the map when you first enter the game and are at the initial spawn point! To go to the Valentine's Day lobby, go right ahead and enter this pink themed building!

Continue forward until you see a platform in Pet Simulator X's Valentine's Day lobby. The platform should have two eggs — one gold with hearts and one pink with hearts. The pink egg costs 250k, while the golden heart costs 2.25 million in the event's currency.

By pressing E, you'll be able to hatch one of the five different pets in each pack. All of these pets have a golden egg that is perfectly suitable for the season!

What Can I Get Hearts for my Pets?

Hearts are required for Valentine's Day pets. These are as simple to acquire as earning coins and diamonds. Heart tokens will drop when you send your pets to farm diamonds and coins. There are also crates and piles of hearts that will occasionally drop in the game, allowing you to farm them quickly.

Our Valentine's Day Event Guide for Pet Simulator X is a must-see for Pet Simulator X. Such a fun day to visit!