Chainsaw Man: Devils Heart Roblox: How To Become Aki Hayakawa

Chainsaw Man: Devils Heart Roblox: How To Become Aki Hayakawa ...

Aki Hayakawa is one of the main antagonists in Chainsaw Man, serving as Denji and Power's senior in Public Safety. Despite his impressive abilities and powerful Devil contracts, he's capable of fighting on par with a Fiend like Power or a Hybrid like Denji.

How To Become Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man: Devil's Heart – Roblox

Chainsaw Man: Devil's Heart does not have any special cosmetic options, but you may achieve a fairly accurate replica with a mix of some default settings and a very specific set of Devil contracts. There is no hair tie option in this game, but the regular hair setting is sufficient.

Chainsaw Man Devil's Heart Codes

The next step is assembling Aki's abilities. Although he technically used these abilities one at a time in the series, assembling all three leads to a fairly impressive build, so you should go for the whole package.

  • Curse Devil (Nail Sword)
  • Future Devil (Future Sight)
  • Fox Devil (Kon)

The Contract Dealer NPC in the northern part of the city will offer to sell you a random Devil contract for 3,000 yen. You won't know which contract you're getting until after you pay, so there's a strong possibility this will take a lot of time and effort.

Then, you'll have to pay the Contract Dealer until you have the Curse, Future, and Fox Devil contracts. Once you have them all, though, you can create a pretty powerful combo, pummeling an enemy with a Nail Sword thrust, then summoning the Fox Devil with Kon before they get ragdolled. And if they try to move to you, just use the Future Sight to reclaim control of the situation.

This particular Devil contracts is so powerful, it's little wonder Aki ended up being the incredible Devil Hunter he is. Well, Makima's interest probably helped too.

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