In Wild Hearts, How Does Co-Op Progression Work?

In Wild Hearts, How Does Co-Op Progression Work? ...

The time has come for players to get head-first into EA and KOEI TECMO's latest release, Wild Hearts, a massive monster-hunting adventure that pits players against some of the most formidable opponents to date, bolstering the notion that teamwork does indeed make the dream come true.

Many players who have signed up for the EA Play free trial, and those who have received the entire game before it's released, are unsure whether or not co-op progression is something that players may achieve together. Therefore, today let's talk about how co-op progression works in Wild Hearts!

In Wild Hearts, How Does Co-Op Progression Work?

Wild Hearts isn't one of those many massive online games like World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to roam and meet up with each other in order to conquer huge feats and share the riches of their splendor.

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Wild Hearts is a host-based multiplayer game where one player hosts a game and many others are allowed to join in order to assist them in achieving a goal. Unless you're the host, joining a co-op session of Wild Hearts will not help you progress in the story any more.

For friends who take part in the campaign together, this might be a driving force in the patience of waiting to play together. And you may always assist each other in reverting to a common aspect of the narrative if you do not.

Would it have been nice to see Wild Hearts as a big open world with wandering Kemono? Of course, but this is the direction that the devs took, and that's worth respecting. At least there's a little bit of co-op advancement to be had.

In WIl Hearts, you should now have an understanding of how co-op progression works, as well as if or not it's for you. Consider also checking out other great guides, such as "Wild Hearts Features Snow Rockfoil Rabbits – Meet the Adorable Creature". Be sure to follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook for more great content!