Is there any Dead Zone settings for controller sticks in Wild Hearts? Answered

Is there any Dead Zone settings for controller sticks in Wild Hearts? Answered ...

If there is one thing gamers love these days, it's the layers of gameplay controls that developers provide gamers to play with and adjust in order to make their games easier and more enjoyable to play. However, players may wonder if there are dead zone settings for controller thumbsticks in Wild Hearts.

Is There Any Dead Zone Settings for Controller Sticks in Wild Hearts?Answered

If you like Wild Hearts, but are having trouble getting past its thumbstick clunkiness, you are not alone. However, if you want to modify and make them more sensitive to movement, you'll need to get used to the game. For one reason or another, Wild Hearts doesn't have many controller settings for players to fine-tune.

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While many, many games have given players over the last few years, KOEI TECMO appears to be giving players a few things, without any of them being too important. The team may just not be that interested in adding dead zone options.

If you want to change what you can do on your controller, here are a few suggestions that will satisfy your curiosity. You may modify buttons on your controller, alter how to Karakuri Stance, change the button hold time, alter controller vibration, and even alter several aspects of the game's camera.

Now you know the terrible fact about whether or not Wild Hearts has dead zone options for your controller sticks. Be sure to check out some of our other guides, such as "How to Play Multiplayer and Co-op in Wild Hearts."