In Madden 23, how do you get all NFL honors player cards?

In Madden 23, how do you get all NFL honors player cards? ...

The NFL Honors Ceremony to honor players and coaches who have excelled have made their way into Madden 23. EA has summarized the entire NFL season by including players who stand as highlights during the time.

The first part of the NFL Honors drop has been released by the developers, but the second part is scheduled to be released on Friday, 17th February. While the cards are on the market, the question arises how to get them in your collection. Here's all you need to know about getting all NFL Honors Player cards in the game.

In Madden 23, how do I get all NFL Honors Player Cards?

The NFL Honors Player cards are limited-edition and are only available for 48 hours in packs. Sadly, you will have to keep opening packs for the cards in the time frame given for them. If you are lucky, you might get Honors Player Cards that sell for a lot of money.

How to Strip the Ball in Madden 23

There are three additional Honor Cards you may get apart from Patrick Mahomes winning the MVP.

Justin Jefferson – WR – 97 (offensive POTY)

Bucket 1

  • Short In Elite (0 AP)
  • Short Out Elite (0 AP)
  • Deep Out Elite (0 AP)
  • Route Technician (0 AP)

Bucket 2

  • Slot-O-Matic (1 AP)
  • Red Zone Threat (1 AP)
  • Deep In Elite (1 AP)
  • Mid In Elite (1 AP)

Nick Bosa – RE – 97 – Defensive POTY

Bucket 1

  • Stripe Specialist (0 AP)
  • Deflator (0 AP)
  • Unpredictable (0 AP) 
  • No Outsiders (0 AP)

Bucket 2

  • Double Or Nothing (1 AP)
  • Inside Stuff (1 AP)
  • Tackle Supreme (1 AP)
  • Edge Threat Elite (1 AP)

Geno Smith (QB – 97) is returning as a POTY.

Bucket 1

  • Gunslinger (1 AP)
  • Pass Lead Elite (2 AP)
  • Fearless (1 AP)
  • Hot Route Master (2 AP)

Bucket 2

  • Fearless (1 AP)
  • Gunslinger (1 AP)
  • Hot Route Master (2 AP)
  • Conductor (0 AP)

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