After false bans, the Dark and Darker playtest on Steam has been extended

After false bans, the Dark and Darker playtest on Steam has been extended ...

The Dark and Darker playtest has been extended on Steam, with the developers hoping to make up for playing time lost due to false bans. The DnD dungeon crawler RPG game will now be available for a few extra days, after the initial playtest was affected by downtime, with creators Ironmace aiming to resolve issues with the trading post and matchmaking.

The current Dark and Darker playtest will run until February 16, a three-day extension that will see it continue beyond Steam Next Fest. This is presumably to help players make up the hours they may have lost due to being incorrectly banned, or because to a lack of access to certain game features during downtime.

Ironmace states, "Hi, everyone." "Due to the earlier downtime with the trading post, matchmaking, and lost playtime for players that were falsely banned, we have decided to prolong the playtest until February 16. We also intend to use the time to address problems that are frustrating players and to continue improving the game."

Ironmace will not be splitting the leaderboard across two splits like in the previous Dark and Darker playtest, which may require you to work a bit harder to rise to the top spots. Nonetheless, giving players more time to work on some of the game's issues in the meantime might be a good thing ahead of the full release.

The Dark and Darker demo on Steam has had around 100,000 concurrent players, putting it at the top of the playing charts alongside giants such as Dota 2 and Hogwarts Legacy.

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