Destiny 2 is set to become more challenging across the board

Destiny 2 is set to become more challenging across the board ...

With the addition of Stasis and the Arc 3.0, Solar 3.0, and Void 3.0 tweaks throughout the game's previous year, Destiny 2 will become more challenging to players, even more so when the game's season 20, officially known as the Season of Defiance, launches.

As a general'state of the game' type piece, Blackburn lays forth four key principles, expressing the team's desire to deepen players' imaginations, restore challenge to Destiny, enrich content, and connect Guardians.

Blackburn expands into efforts to combat the inherent strengths of the revamped subclass systems paired with powerful weapons and gear designed to enhance specific class abilities.

Blackburn confirms that the Bungie team previously agreed that changing the timing for ability regeneration would be reduced. The energy cost of resilience mods will rise from one to two for minor mods to two to four for major mods.

Bungie wants to make several modifications to make the game more challenging, irrespective of player power levels. In Destiny 2, season 19, Blackburn stated that the game has been pleased with the results. Therefore, the developers intend to continue to make these modifications in the game's Vanguard Ops playlist as of Lightfall.

"We aren't going to set this playlist knob to a level as intense as the Battlegrounds playlist," says the developer, but we want to use it to make Vanguard Ops a lot more engaging to the average Guardian starting in Lightfall.

Blackburn adds that it will take the same approach to power and difficulty when roaming throughout Neomuna.

"We don't want the entire game to feel like it's been upgraded to 11, but we believe these changes will assist the enemy troops patrolling Neomuna to feel dangerous and worthy of your attention," he adds in the post.

The team will continue to tweak things, and he notes that in Destiny 2's 21st season, called Season of the Deep, the team will not make any additional changes to the power or pinnacle cap beyond the levelling found in Lightfall. The change presumably provides more access for all players to the game's "best content," which likely includes raids and dungeons that typically attract veteran players.

Bungie's aim to expand the game's content is met by several new modes. Moreover, the game will reintroduce the Presage, Vox Obscura, and Operation: Seraph's Shield exotic missions on rotation so New Lights can experience them for the first time, and experienced players can experience them once more.

He also announced that players may look forward to Battlegrounds in Vanguard Ops playlists as Nightfalls, as well as new improvements to the Lake of Shadows and Arms dealer strikes, which will make them more engaging.

“We are also taking strikes that have not been updated in recent times, such as Exodus Crash and The Inverted Spire, and are dramatically reducing their role in the Vanguard Ops playlist while removing them from Nightfall rotations,” according to Blackburn.

The Lightfall DLC will have a normal and a Legendary campaign difficulty, according to Bungie, as part of a larger campaign difficulty. These changes in difficulty appear to be intended to continue to apply to other activities so that players who have reached certain levels will not find the game too difficult.

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