This summer, Destiny 2 will probably get the Wrath of the Machine

This summer, Destiny 2 will probably get the Wrath of the Machine ...

The return of a classic Wrath of the Machine raid will likely be seen this summer, according to Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn, who will release another Destiny 2 Lightfall raid sometime in the next season. Season of the Deep should start in late August.

While referring to the Fireteam Finder/Looking for Group experience previously revealed during a Lightfall preview event, he mentions the upcoming reprised raid.

Blackburn says that as our ideas became more solidified, we realized that a first-class in-game Looking for Group tool would take a while to arrive in players' hands this summer, alongside our next reprised raid. So, now that Fireteam Finder is out, we're pushing it out to our final Season of the year alongside a brand-new dungeon.”

In response to an interview question regarding a 2022 reprised raid, Blackburn does not explicitly state that Wrath of the Machine is the reprised raid.

"We know we want to bring back a banger. So it's really about the complexity of moving the raids from D1 to D2." Blackburn said in an interview with PC Gamer. "We're going to do a [new] raid, two dungeons, and resurrect an old raid this year that won't sink the ship."

Crota's End might be brought back as adungeon by a Bungie community administrator, although many players agree it fell short when compared to the other raids from the original Destiny game, including King's Fall and Vault of Glass, both of which Bungie has already reprised.

In a lengthy blog post, Blackburn also disclosed tweaks to game difficulty, enhancements to Vanguard Ops content, and more.

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